Alive + Well Subscription Box

A monthly delivery of our ridiculously delicious, homemade local & probiotic food, to tickle your taste buds and support your optimal gut health!

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Probiotic Soda Subscription Box

5 Litres of delicious, seasonally flavoured Kombucha, Kefir, Jun and more! Delivered to your door monthly, for all you Boochaholics!

About marley

Marley Giunta loves your guts! she has been a fermentation enthusiast for over 10 years and believes that our gut health is essential to our physical and emotional wellbeing. Marley loves to feed and take care of people and her talents as a cook have taken her all over the world.  she has her own catering company, she teaches workshops and cooking classes and is an advocate for beneficial microorganisms, permaculture and local food sovereignty.


"I crave Marley's pickles! Everything is so delicious and healthy for you. I have noticed a real benefit to my digestion. It is so reassuring to know that these foods are made with love and can taste it!"

"My gut health drastically improved over the summer while eating Alive and Well’s subscription box. I was shocked! Thank you Marley!"

"Marley really does love your guts - and your tastebuds! Our whole family gets excited for each delivery and each one exceeds our expectations!"

"Marley is so knowledgeable about fermenting and such a great chef extraordinaire!