What if I just want to buy Marley’s ferments by the jar? Can I do that?

As of now, individual jars are only available if I have extra jars of ferments from a batch that I have made for the subscription boxes. I can’t make any promises, but if you want to be on the list to find out about this when it happens, join my mailing list by subscribing on the homepage.

How many ferments will I get each month?

An alive and well subscription box is an adventure! The amounts, recipes and flavours will change with the local season, depending on what is fresh and because of this (and because it's fun) there is no set menu - which is part of the experience! - however, you can trust that there will be plenty to go around and share with friends…

Here is an example of what you might get in a monthly box:

- 1 L of  hascap kombucha

- 1 L of pear ginger Kefir water

- 1 L of peach Jun

- 1 L of dill pickles

- 500ml of spicy pickled beans

- 1 L of kimchee

- 500ml of lemon dill sauerkraut

- 1 L maple miso salad dressing

- 2 X 250ml of live cultured hot sauce

Where do you deliver to? 

The alive and well headquarters is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We deliver to anyone in Ottawa and can arrange other pickup/ delivery options if you're in the surrounding areas. If you're somewhere else in Ontario, Quebec or even far far away and would like to try some of Marley's ferments, we might be able to swing something - you never know - send us a message! 

What do fermented foods do for my health and wellbeing?

- they improve digestion

- they maintain healthy gut bacteria

- they boost immune system

-they are nutrient dense 

-they are high in B vitamins

-they are rich in enzymes (which helps nutrient absorption)

-they boost your mood

-they tickle your taste buds with delight

-and much more!

-check out the Alive and well resources page for videos, articles and books about the benefits of fermented foods!

Can I buy a subscription after the season has already begun (ie after July 1)?

If you jump in the season after June, contact me for a pro-rated price for the remaining months.